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UI/UX Tool

A powerful system with a huge set of elements and templates and smart customization functions

Design System
UI Kit
and much more
Huge Library
of Premade Components,
Elements and Templates
for your projects

Explore all components, elements, and templates

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on customization

Don't ever spend a lot of time correcting comments like these

Can you give us 3 versions
of color palettes to choose
Make red more reddish
Too high contrast
Add more contrast
The background is too black
Make logo bigger

Be effective with this kit

Well Thought-Out
Sharing Styles

Start with customizing the kit for your project. In well-structured styles, you can easily change typography or color scheme and even correct such details as the blur level of the shadow.

And changes will affect all elements, components and templates at once, after clicking on refresh button

Learn more about Layer and Text Styles

Use Premade Templates
or Start from Scratch

A convenient and practical override system based on nested symbols. Well-thought and easy-to-use

Resizable Elements

Work faster with a huge library of resizable components and elements

Learn more about Resizing Constraints

Explore Overrides

A convenient and practical override system based on nested symbols.
Well-thought and easy-to-use

Learn more about Nested Symbols and Overrides

3 Color Styles
Already Included

Full Preview

3 Styles
Already Included

Full Preview

Tech Info

54 Templates (+51 alternative)
Premade Grids and Guide
Elements and Icons
Resizable Components
3 Color Schemes
Resolution 1440 px
Text and Color Styles
for Sketch 48,2+

UI/UX Tool

Design System, UI Kit,
Templates Pack

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